Is there any unsocial reason for relations?

              I had sat on trunk of the Peepal tree. Worn-out with the day’s journey sun was about to have a break, was having bath in the colours of evening twilight. New born leaves of Peepal were playing role in the rustling. With pleasant wind pieces of melodious music were blowing. I was waiting for her since ages. I was utterly missing her. I badly needed her. Does it mean that she has become my habit? But how can this be possible? Now and again axis and angles of my thinking are shifted and I got engrossed in the wilderness to meditate on the realities of human relations. I persistently think what is the basis of relation? Reasoning, logic and need? What should be the unconditional reason of continuity and establishment? Is there any unsocial reason for relations? Who? And in which stage of our historical development has framed the structure of our relations? What was that aeon and at that time what was the truth of relations? Has the metaphysical insight of relations only been formed by religions  or social hunger and desire of dependence that begot it? What are the objective requirements of relations and in the fulfilment or failure of these objective requirements, how will the journey of evolution step forward on what ‘unconditional’ basis? Should every sort of relation be presented in expressionism or symbolic hypothetical expressionism? Isn’t it possible, to compare skeleton of human society without the labyrinthine of relations? Should we dump flimsy and required relations? Should one always be in search of a real and based upon a love relation? Is it that after a period of time every relation turns into a blotch and a stigma? Isn’t the desire of a relation a mirage?

      In the veins of brain like volcanic eruption such innumerable questions go banging. On the supple branches of heat, it bites like poisonous snake. It seems as if in the maze of darkest of the caves wild pigs were crying, bustling and howling out. How inconceivable this enchantment is? Of which inner disturbance, are these divine calls? Why do we wish to disentangle, reveal the secrets of universe? Why don’t we have our own system of beliefs made and experienced by ourselves? In the end this emancipates us from all the miseries and celestial agonies. But what does it means to us by our own emancipation? What connection is there between emancipation and happiness? What are those bases on which we have understood happiness? Who will fix on the authenticity of happiness? Is it not true that even after a great endeavour of being happy, we lead a shallow, pseudo life? Do we humans wake up in the lies, before dawn and mask our faces and hearts? On what ground do we have relationship with society? Who would set up criterion of connectivity in our individual and social life? What control should we have on our desires? What is the rationale of desire?

This inestimable nimbus of questions gets escalating. Yacht is whirling in the vertex. With every question the hue of life get deeper and darker, but the colour of water remain ‘watery’. Have you not bumped into whirlpools of such questions?

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